I decided to take up the A to Z challenge, this year to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. Till recently I have dabbled mostly in writing fiction, a little bit of musing here and there and have tried my hands at poetry as well.

Relocating to France two years back brought to my shore that there is so much more to this beautiful country than just a handful of touristic places that most of the tours involve. I felt the urge to share this “Other France” with everyone who would like to seek beyond cliche. However composing a travelogue while giving justice to the place, its history and its beauty posed a huge challenge for my appetite. Add to that my very primitive skills of taking a photo. Writing a travel post thus meant lifting beyond my weight category.

What’s life without challenges, I thought!

So here I am making up my mind to spread the love about exploring the unexplored side of France. Join me as I start this amazing journey with butterflies in my stomach and a twinkle in my eyes to “Explore L’Hexagone“. I am sure by end of the journey you will join my party of “J’aime la France” (I Love France)

I will update this page on each day of April 2022 with the titles of the post for the A2Z challenge.

Theme RevealExploring l’Hexagone

A – Ageless & Alive

B – Bon Voyage

C – Charismatic Annecy

D- Dainty Annecy

E – Enchanting Annecy

F- Fascinating Annecy

G- Grand Vienne

H – Hallowed Vienne

I – Incredible Chamonix Mont Blanc

J – Jaw-dropping Chamonix Mont Blanc

K – Kaleidoscopic Chamonix Mont Blanc

L – Legendary Chamonix Mont Blanc

M – Magnificient Chamonix Mont Blanc

N- Notable Chamonix Mont Blanc

0 – Opalescent Chaminix Mont Blanc

P – Pristine Perouges

Q – Quaint Strasbourg

R – Radiant Strasbourg

S – Sassy Strasbourg

T – Towering Strasbourg

U – Unseasing Haut Koenigsbourg

V – Vivacious Colmar

W – Winsome Colmar

X- Xenodochial Agen

Y – Yugen Agen

Z- Zephyr Agen

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