Its Different

Recently, I presided over a session of “khud-ki-adalat“* to assure myself that some new developments on personal front must be accepted on the face value and to let everyone have clear idea about it. Specially my super-dominant “Mrs AlwaysDoubtful“ (MAD hence-forth) self. She does show up most of the times, Read more…

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Poetic Pottery

February, the shortest month, the month of love and care and the month of Kala Ghoda Festival at Mumbai. Kala Ghoda Festival is week long affair, usually at the beginning of the month. Its a treat for artists from across the spectrum. Its a treat for a commoner like me  Read more…

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Photo Post

Every Tree Has A Story

Joyce Kilmer thought that every tree is a poem* penned by Almighty. Other day a thought, on similar lines, occurred to me while walking down a lane in the neighbourhood. “Every tree has a story” These stories are out in open for the ones who wish to read. Probably it Read more…

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PIT My Pet Pal

Day starts on the note of chronic monotony. I am in kitchen. It’s that time of the day when the pressure cooker is juddering with fury. Cooker would fail to contain the fury and soon will give out a whistle. The pan on the other flame holds oil, all set Read more…

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Spurious Semblance

Winter always brings the best of weather, food and mood. The vegetable market is flooded with the fresh vegetable supplies. Last week, I couldnt resist the lure of green cucumber (Kheera) and Kashmiri carrots (red ones) stacked in the most tempting way. I bought loads of them. Once home, I Read more…

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