Tables Do Turn #WoWe

“What’s for dessert?”, quizzed Mr Balanced. Three sets of eyes, darted towards Mrs ChitterChatter and she undeniably loved attention! “Surprise!”, she replied getting up from seat. “What can that be?”, questioned InncoentBaby lustily. “Mrs ICareForAll had paid us visit two days back. She gifted two bars of exotic chocolate”, beamed Read more…

By Anagha Yatin, ago
Flash Fiction

Forever #WoWe

3050AD He got up from Anya’s side, as she lay lifeless, with efforts. His eyes as blank as marble. The reed diffuser failed to suppress the smothered smell of dolefulness. He trudged towards bedroom as if some streak of thought pulled him, compulsion that he must oblige. “Dad, stay back Read more…

By Anagha Yatin, ago