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Recently, I presided over a session of “khud-ki-adalat“* to assure myself that some new developments on personal front must be accepted on the face value and to let everyone have clear idea about it. Specially my super-dominant “Mrs AlwaysDoubtful“ (MAD hence-forth) self. She does show up most of the times, Read more…

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Sweet Savoury Signature

Affluent hill station down south, lush greenery, breath-taking verdant rolling hills, mist cloaked hill tops, winding roads where sun-rays play tag with the dusty roads below; vast carpets of viridescent paddy fields, aromas of coffee and spices… that’s Coorg. The natural beauty at its best. A ‘just in time’ plan Read more…

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Travel Light #MondayMusings

How much land does the man need? Leo Tolstoy posed this famous question in 1886 to the mankind. Had he been alive in this age of flying, I am sure, he would have definitely re-framed it. It would be, ‘How much baggage does the man need?’ This very awakening occurred Read more…

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