Kneeling, with his right hand stretched towards her, speaking confidently with shiny bright eyes, Prabhu asked, “Kaylee, will you marry me, the nerdy nomad madly in love with you?”, while she stood speechless at this sudden surprise, welling her eyes up with uncut diamond-like tears of joy.

After a brief moment of silence that appeared eternity, she nodded, making Prabhu jump up in jubilation.

“It would be worth my eyeteeth to fetch an exquisite diamond for precious you”, whispered Prabhu in Kaylee’s ears while giving her a tight embrace before turning to the voyager that would take him to Saturn, planet rumoured to have rain of diamonds, in his quest to find the possibility of unique destination for space tourism.

Image by studiopratisaad0 from Pixabay
For more about the rain of diamonds on Saturn please click here
Kaylee: Means crown is Gaelic and crown of laurels in Hebrew
Worth one’s eyeteeth: To go to any length or relinquish anything of value in order to obtain some specific thing in return.
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That was a brilliant story!

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Apt portrayal of emotion in three lines. 👍

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This was a very heart touching story and brilliantly portrayed! Loved it, Anagha.

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Raining diamonds!I wonder now.Great story Anagha.

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वा S वां ! अप्रतिम ‘शब्द’ रत्नांचा पाऊस, अनघा !

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