Month of June witnessed a rainy season of different kind for me this year. The heavy Mumbai rains, as usual, made me fall in love with it. Another shower that I was happy to get drenched with was “Festival Of Words 2018” by Write Tribe.

Starting June 24th till June 30th, I enjoyed writing every day for the challenge. ‘What should I write on?’ never was a question as we were spoilt for the choices. There were seven prompts each from three categories, namely Creative prompt, Image prompt and Quote prompt.

Prompts were declared well in advance . However, the life had some other tasks for me and thus was busy with ‘I-dont-know-what’ kind of routine till the day of the first post. I was decided to join the celebration and not miss the fun. Sometimes I had to burn midnight oil to keep up the deadline. I am must agree, that I enjoyed late nights when everyone in the world was asleep and I was talking to myself and my laptop.

Result? I successfully completed it! As much as I enjoyed writing, I enjoyed reading posts from other bloggers from the Tribe. Thats the beauty of the challenge I suppose.

Sharing the seven stories that I penned for this Festival Of Words2018.

June 24, 2018 – The Magic

June 25, 2018 – Hubbub

June 26, 2018 – Offbeat Affair

June 27, 2018 – Eternal Await

June 28, 2018 – Wrong Number, Wrong Time

June 29, 2018 – The High Stakes

June 30, 2018 – The Support Group

As the curtains fall on this year’s celebrations, I look forward to next year with dreamy eyes!


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