Flash Fiction


Junior and me were at the Dolphinarium to kick start the winter holidays. While Junior would be inside, I had thought of working from adjacent open café. As we were about to enter the premise, I got a call. I signalled at junior and pointed him to wait at one Read more…

By Anagha Yatin, ago

Not So Human Yet

Asimo stood at the cross roads and was frustrated to see the vehicles on the zebra crossing. He couldn’t cross the road, out of safety concerns. “Its so blazing hot here! Add to it layering myself, from top to bottom. This round hat comes in the way of my vision. These Read more…

By Anagha Yatin, ago

26 Dimesions

This post is selected as the “Featured Post” for the “HappySunday #23” Blog hop Just a day or so before, I came across a quote… Till I encountered it, I used to wonder how messy I have become over the years or may be I was like this all the Read more…

By Anagha Yatin, ago