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Vinita was restless. She was searching for something. Every passing moment was parting with flustered shades on her face. Post siesta, she would read a book for an hour or so and it would be tea time. Dhaval would hand her steaming hot cup of coffee and join her for a chit chat. Checking the development, Dhaval inquired, “What’s on?”

“I cant find my specs”

“Ah…the specs. I thought the world is under some threat and that’s worrying you”

Vinita did not bother to smile at the silly joke Dhaval had cracked. She continued her search.

“Check it in Montu’s room. You were dusting his room after lunch”, suggested Dhaval.

“Was I? May be. Let me check”, replied Vinita and off she went to Montu’s room. As she neared his study table, she found an I-D card of a boy scout. She picked up the card in her hands and was busy checking the photo. She wondered who he was. “Dhaval, Montu’s friend has forgotten his ID card here. Will have to ask Montu to return it to him”, she said aloud.

Dhaval joined Vinita at the study table. Vinita gave the ID card to him. Dhaval smiled and returned the card to her.

“Its Montu’s! He was a boy scout then, you remember? We had clicked this photo before his National Jamboree Camp at Mysore. Almost a decade now”, said Dhaval supplying information.

“Without my specs, I cant even recognize my boy”, she said. “He should have kept it in his cupboard. Such a lousy fella. Let him return, I will give him an earful”, she murmured.

“You will have to call him up for that! He is at one end of the world. Make sure you don’t waste my hard-earned money over the international call just for sake of a reprimand”, gestured Dhaval animatedly.

“Oh you old penny pincher”, she groused. As she sat on the bed in Montu’s room, little lost, Dhaval reminded her that she was searching for her specs. “Ah yes, where could be my specs?”, she wondered aloud.

“May be at another end of the world”, tee-heed Dhaval. Vinita gave him a darn look and went on to check in Guddi’s room. There lay a scarf on the floor.

“This girl is always in a hurry”, said she while picking up the scarf. “Dhaval, make sure that girl is picked up from her friend’s place before 7pm”, she instructed.

“Darling, I will have to fly to her and its still not afternoon at her end of the world”, informed Dhaval.

Recollecting that Guddi is now studying at MIT, Vinita tapped her head. “I seem to have lost the track of time. This search is driving me crazy”, murmured Vinita and she came out of that bedroom. Not knowing what to do further, she paced up and down the corridor connecting the bedrooms and the dining room.

“Whats going on?”, she wondered to herself.

“Search is going on”, added Dhaval, entering the kitchen. Pulling the tea pot out, he said, “May be you have kept your specs near the microwave. Were you not reading the recipe for carrot cake in the morning?”

“Carrot cake…hmm! I don’t remember. But let me check”

“You definitely will find them. Its another corner of your square world Vinita, next only to your children”, voiced Dhaval. He then got busy making tea for himself and coffee for Vinita.

Vinita however still struggled to find her specs. After a while, Dhaval asked Vinita to join him at dining table. She was visibly fazed.

“Couldn’t find the specs?”, he checked.

“Specs…my specs. My search around the four corners of world has not been fruitful”, she brooded.

“But you did not check your last resort, Vinita”, spoke Dhaval slowly and calmly, sipping tea.

Puzzled, she sat next to him. Pulling the pair of specs from his pocket, he handed it over to Vinita.

“Why did you not give it to me in the first place?”, demanded Vinita indignantly.

“I forgot”, apologised Dhaval.

“You are growing old”, snapped Vinita.

A sad smile prevailed on Dhaval’s face. Vinita was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer. Doctors had recommended the light brain gym activities that would keep her diminishing memory in check. Dhaval would devise the ways to keep her engaged in picking up the pieces of her fragmented memory …on daily basis. With children flown out of the nest, he was the last resort for her in every sense of word…

This is my fourth post for #Bar-A-Thon2018 Season3 on prompt “Four Corners of World “
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Varsh · July 9, 2018 at 8:31 am

This is such a sweet story. I only thought Vinita was being forgetful. Hope Dhaval’s mental exercises help her.

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 8:42 am

    I wish too! Thanks Varsh.

Meena · July 9, 2018 at 9:34 am

That took a turn from just a light-hearted story to the serious. I hope these exercises will have benefit.

On a lighter note, I keep misplacing my glasses all the time. Ages ago, I wrote a blog on that. Check it out if you have time:

jaya1966 · July 9, 2018 at 9:48 am

That was really touching. I too have old parents living in Chennai and I live in Kochi. They don’t want to join me here and I can’t leave my job at this stage and go back to find one there. This story really touched me.

Here is my Barathon 4th day post

jaya1966 · July 9, 2018 at 9:49 am

I too have old parents living in Cheanni. I live in Kochi. They do not wishe to join me here and at this stage in my career I am unable to disrupt things and go to Chennai and find another job. This story really touched my heart.

Here is my Barathon 4th day post

Geethica · July 9, 2018 at 9:51 am

This is such a good read Anagha. When you start forgetting things, you need your loved ones nearby. They make you realize that memories are not important but loving people around.

Sonia Chatterjee · July 9, 2018 at 9:57 am

This story has so many layers of emotions that I altered between smiling and feeling heartbroken at intervals. The empty nest and Alzheimers made me sad but Dhaval’s persistence makes me feel that there is still hope. Beautiful story yet again

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 10:04 am

    Thanks Sonia.

Mayuri Nidigallu · July 9, 2018 at 9:58 am

Your stories make us smile and laugh, and also make us cry.
The tender moments between the couple made me smile and their love between then warmed my heart.
The twist in the end took me by surprise and broke my heart though.
Beautiful story, Anagha. One of your finest.

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 10:06 am

    Thank you so much for your uplifting remarks Mayuri!
    I feel there are people who always find the reason to cheer inspite of hardships in life. Dhaval is one such!

Akshata Ram · July 9, 2018 at 10:38 am

That was quite a twist to the tale and heart warming too lovely take Anagha

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 10:43 am

    Thanks Akshata.

Aesha · July 9, 2018 at 10:46 am

Such a heart warming story. But i liked that you presented the entire accout in a light manner. No drama but message conveyed. Loved it Aangha. You have your own distinct style of writing.

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 11:08 am

    Thanks Aesha.

Namratha Varadharajan · July 9, 2018 at 11:31 am

The story brings out the bond between the couple beautifully. Alzheimer’s is tough to live with, glad she has him

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Thanks Namratha.

zainab · July 9, 2018 at 1:02 pm

this is really sad. I wish her luck.

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 7:41 pm

    Thanks Zainab

Roma · July 9, 2018 at 1:42 pm

This was beautifully conceived and weaved my dear. touched something deep 🙂

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    Thanks Roma.

Esha M Dutta · July 9, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Light hearted, moving into thought-provoking! Beautifully told, Anagha. I was very moved by the story.

My ​ ​Day 4 post for BarAThon is here. ​

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    Thanks Esha.

Esha M Dutta · July 9, 2018 at 1:55 pm

Beautiful but so sad. So well written, Anagha.

My ​ ​Day 4 post for BarAThon is here. ​

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    Thanks dear.

yogensarswat · July 9, 2018 at 2:15 pm

Simple but lovely story which brings out the bonding between the couple beautifully . This types of bonding makes relationship more strong .

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

Rrohan Kachalia (@rohank01) · July 9, 2018 at 4:05 pm

Another gem of a story, Anagha. You are on a roll !!

A simple story, beautifully narrated with right balance of emotions.

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    Thank you so much Rohan for the uplifting remarks.

BellyBytes · July 9, 2018 at 4:25 pm

A really serious one from you this time Anagha. Alzheimers is indeed a clear and present danger and very frightening….

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    Thanks Sunita.

pushpendra dwivedi · July 9, 2018 at 6:19 pm

interesting story telling with beautiful wordings

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    Thank you!

Bhagyashree · July 9, 2018 at 6:35 pm

That is such a touching tale. If only in real life it would be as touching,….observing Alzheimer’s from close quarters I can feel how frustrating it is.

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    I can understand from where you are coming from. I have same feeling as you as I have seen one and is seeing one suffering from the disease from closet quarters. Its not only the patient but the caregiver, who suffers the most. Life for some has unkind turns.
    Thanks Bhagyashree for visiting and sharing your thought.

matheikal · July 9, 2018 at 6:53 pm

Some ironies of life are painful like here.

    Anagha Yatin · July 9, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    True that. Thanks for visiting Matheikal.

simi sp · July 9, 2018 at 9:57 pm

very touching and nice story.. felt really nice reading it..
#Barathon 2018

    Anagha Yatin · July 10, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    Thanks Simi

Anita · July 10, 2018 at 1:30 am

Such a touching tale. Wonderfully expressed, Anagha.
Hope everyone is blessed with such a caring ‘last resort’.

Sachin Baikar · July 10, 2018 at 8:40 am

Heart touching one ? Anagha. The concluding para says it all. Thanks for sharing.

Jyotirmoy Sarkar · July 10, 2018 at 8:48 am

Poignant story with a touch of emotional attachment, liked the way you have presented it, an awesome take on the prompt.

Natasha · July 10, 2018 at 10:38 am

Love the exchange between the couple. It broke my heart to read the last lines though. The bitter harsh truth of ageing. And how we take for granted our young age with growing up kids.

Very nice take on the prompt, Anagha.

Ashvini Naik · July 10, 2018 at 11:57 am

I was wondering how Vinitha could be so forgetful about her children even if old. Oh dear, this sad story really touched my heart. The empty nest feeling must be so maddening for an old couple. Apart from the Alzheimer’s, with a typical old age couple, we youngsters feel that it’s an opportune time for them to enjoy each other’s company in the absence of the hullabaloo of life, the craziness of kids & all the struggling phase. But, it really ain’t easy.

I so feel for the couple. Taking care of each other in the evening of their lives. It turned me emotional, Anagha.

Varad · July 10, 2018 at 12:25 pm

I could guess what was going on, Anagha. A very well written tale. One little suggestion is you could have avoided the open mention of alzheimer’s and left it to the reader’s imagination and interpretation

Rupali · July 10, 2018 at 1:24 pm


Vinitha · July 11, 2018 at 12:26 am

That’s so sad! Alzheimers leave a shell behind sucking all the beautiful memories out. It’s truly hard for the beloved ones to handle such a situation. Dhaval is such a caring partner.
This is the first time I’m seeing my name in a story, Anagha and would you believe that wear specs too! 🙂 Nice story. 🙂

Ramya Abhinand · July 11, 2018 at 10:29 am

A condition thats still not spoken much about, but I can imagine the plight. Alzheimers isnt an easy condition to manage,. I have an uncle who suffers from this and his care giver- my aunt- patiently tends to him. I appreciate people like Dhaval in your tale.

    Anagha Yatin · July 11, 2018 at 6:10 pm

    Thanks Ramya

Priyanka · July 12, 2018 at 1:10 pm

Beautifully penned! This story reminded me of a scene from my novel ‘Twists Of Fate’.

Shilpa Garg · July 12, 2018 at 2:13 pm

This is a poignant story that captures a lot of emotions and the sad effects of Alzheimer’s disease!

Anshu Bhojnagarwala · July 12, 2018 at 2:34 pm

So cute! I love the way she remembers her kids! Two things made me sad though – one the empty nest (which all of us will go through one day) and her Alzheimer’s!

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