One evening I was having my regular walk inside the society campus. While passing by the children’s play area, I surprised. The reason was, there no sign of hustle and bustle, shouts and call-outs, giggles and laughter. I got curious. Thought of checking out the matter myself.

Far away in the corner I spotted my daughter and her friend. One was sitting on the slide and other was reclining against it. Walking closer, I asked, “What’s the matter? Where are your friends?”

Another friend of mine, who happens to be the doctor also joined me.

“Yukta is not well. She has fever, headache and since morning she was vomiting”, replied she.

“Maybe she’s contacted Japanese Encephalitis. What about the others?”, asked the doctor.

“Yes, her mother mentioned the same”, replied the girls in unison.

“All have holidays planned ahead. No one wants to play. They feel that they will also fall sick by playing in play area”, said the little one.

“Oh is that the reason? Go get all your friends. I have an interesting information for you to share then”, said the doctor.

Soon the play area was abuzz with children.

Seeking their attention, the doctor friend asked, “Children do you know what Japanese Encephalitis is?”

Japanese encephalitis is a mosquito-borne disease caused by the Japanese encephalitis virus and spread primarily by the Culex mosquito. The Japanese Encephalitis is spread through mosquito bites.

(Know more about Japanese Encephalitis here.)

“What are the symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis?”, asked one of the boys.

It usually takes around 5-15 days for this disease to spread and the main symptoms include fever, headache, vomiting.

(You can check here for symptoms in more details)

“Who are more likely to get affected by Japanese Encephalitis, Aunty?”, asked one elder girl

The spread of Japanese Encephalitis is a rising concern in many Asian countries. The fatal disease mostly affects children and elderly whose immune system are not strong enough to fight this viral infection which can even cause death.

Frequent travellers of getting Japanese Encephalitis virus. Places with mild climates in Northern Asia are at higher risk of getting Japanese Encephalitis virus.

“How can we protect ourselves from it?”, asked a boy with much concern in his voice.

Travelers can protect themselves from Japanese Encephalitis by getting Japanese Encephalitis vaccine and preventing mosquito bites.

“What are the best ways are to prevent mosquito bites?” asked the doctor opening the discussion to all.

‘Wear long-sleeved light colored, lightweight shirts, long pants, and hats’, said one promptly

‘Use effective mosquito repellent such as Goodknight said the other.

‘Get rid of stagnant water or Eliminate stagnant water’ added one more.

“Absolutely right” replied the doctor.

(To know the ways of preventing Japanese Encephalitis click here)

“Aunty I always use Goodnight Fabric Roll On” before venturing out of the house said one with pride. “My Mom got me the one with Bubble Gum flavor. Smell it”, she continued.


“Hey, look at my colourful Goodnight patch. Its so easy to use”, said the other showing the Goodnight patch on her t-shirt to others.

“We use Goodnight Express System at home to get rid of the menace. My complete family is protected with it”, added one of them.

“Now that you know how Goodknight can protect you and your family from Japanese Encephalitis not only at home but outside as well, don’t let go of your precious play time. Prevention is always better than cure”, I reminded them.

“Hurrah”, came the boisterous shout out.

Play area was abuzz courtesy Goodknight!

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This is a sponsored post. Readers are cautioned against self diagnosis of Japanese Encephalitis, after reading this post. Kindly consult the physician in case similar symptoms are observed .
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