Forlorn Notes #FridayReflections

Sunaina woke up with a jerk. Her groggy eyes couldn’t comprehend the happenings around. Thanks to the seat belt, she nestled back to comforts of the seat in a flash of seconds, unharmed. And then she heard laughter. “What’s the matter, Grandma?”, she enquired, little confused. “RTOs have shown up Read more…

By Anagha Yatin, ago

Croaking Donnybrook

Month of May is spelt as mangoes, relatives and vacation! An inseparable part of it is eating out, making merry and lots of clicks to browse through later on. One such week end, as a family tradition, all the four members of my family sat down for a “May rewind”. Read more…

By Anagha Yatin, ago

Mind Health Of Your Mind

Beginning of the first week of the new year saw the ugly, venomous monster raising its head at Pune and Mumbai. Media in every form was abuzz and replete with destruction it caused, disturbance it created. Reading and watching it evolve to its furious height, made me numb to begin with and self reflective Read more…

By Anagha Yatin, ago